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Immigration to South Africa

Immigration To South Africa Immigration To South Africa
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The Republic of South Africa is specific regarding immigrants and only prefer to those who have some special skills, qualification or have assets for investment. South African immigration law are strict because they strongly protect the rights of their countrymen like health and security issues. Moreover, they ensure that all their citizen must have a job opportunity. Immigration to South Africa require a permanent residence permit and due to this permit the bearer of this avail all the rights, facilities and have the same obligation like a citizen. South Africa has a lot of unskilled and semi-skilled employees and country do not encourage such types of immigrants, but prefer only those, which are required. South Africa has try to induct those skilled workers from the world who can contribute in the economy of this country. South Africa has encourage and accept the application of those immigrants who are showing to establish industry and business in this part of the world. South Africa gives priority to those immigrants which have assets, skills and experience that will be used for the betterment of the people of South Africa. Immigrant must have a good moral values and sound character. Moreover, have skill or occupation, which is not common in South Africa.

South Africa Immigration Categories:

South Africa immigration has two main types through those people from all over the world can get immigration. These two major categories of immigration are through direct residence or Section 26 and residence on other grounds or Section 27. These two categories of immigration to South Africa are common, but they have their own terms and conditions, which are necessary to fulfill.

Direct Residence or Section 26:

This category of immigration is for those foreigners who have a work permit for five years and they have a permanent employment offer. Moreover, this foreigner have some special skilled work and contributed in the economy of this country. In this category the applicant fulfill all needs and in this way his/her spouse and children who are under 21 years will also qualify for permanent residence. The interview will be conducted from all applicant of immigration having 21 years of age.

Residence on Other Grounds or Section 27:

In this category of immigration foreigners who have a job offer with some conditions like he/she has unique or exceptional skills or qualifications, which is not freely available among the South Africans. Those who want to establish a business in South Africa and those who have sufficient capital. Those who qualify as refugees or those who are relative of a South African citizen. South Africa prefers those investors for immigration that who have enough money to establish his business in South Africa and provides some employments to this country.

Documents Required For South African Immigration:

1. Valid passport or Identity document.
2. On line completed BI-947 form, but handwritten form is not accepted by Department of Home Affairs.
3. Required original documents for verification along with photocopies.
4. Original Bank payment receipt for Electronic Fund Transfer for individual applicant.
5. A recent passport photograph for all applicants.
6. Applicant birth certificate.
7. Medical certificate or fitness certificate that this applicant do not have any major disease.
8. Police clearance certificate required for all applicant having age 18 years or more.
9. Marriage certificate.
10. Highest educational, trade or professional certificates.

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