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Student Visa For Canada

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Canadian Study visa requirements are apply to everybody who wishes to study in Canada, whether you require a study permit. To study in Canada, you should have been acknowledged to a college, university or other educational institution in Canada.

Canadian study visa Eligibility criteria & documentation:

1. You must have an offer letter from a college or university of Canada acknowledging you as a student and involving you in a full time degree program. In addition to that the educational institution should be valid and registered with Canadian educational board.

2. You must have an English proficiency certificate (Ielts) proving that you have an excellent command over the foreign language and can mingle in the host nation easily.

3. You must present a bank statement confirming that you have enough cash to pay for your educational cost expenses, living costs for yourself. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada rules in addition to the expense of educational cost expenses, you will require give or take $10 000 every year to cover your living costs.

4. You must have a police clearance or character certificate showing that you have been a good citizen in the nation of your origin and have not been involved in any criminal activities.

5. Your health certificate is also an important thing that you will need to proof that you are in good shape and are not suffering from any major disease.

6. You must have all the educational credentials that you have been awarded in your home land attested and verified by Higher Education Commission.

7. You must have a valid passport (At least 6 months validity) along with 4 passport size photographs.

8. You must have an attested copy of your domicile from the notary public.

9. You must have an English translated National Identity Card.

10. Your Application form for Canadian study visa should be properly filled and provide the valid details asked in it without any spelling mistakes. Especially in the portion of personal details.

11. You must check you name spelling should be the same on all the documents that you are submitting to the immigration officer. It is a very common error which results in visa rejection.

12. The course intake should match with your previous educational background.

13. There should not be a gap in your studies. And if you have one it should be covered by providing a job experience certificate.

14. You must be very clear through your actions and words that you are moving to Canada for educational purposes only and will return back to your home land after the completion of your degree program.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind if you are planning to move Canada for educational purposes. In case of absence of any of the above mentioned requirements the immigration officer will reject your application for Canada study visa and in worst case he might Bann you for even applying again for the visa.
In this article I have tried to provide you the information about the documentation requirement and eligibility criteria of Canada student Visa. If you have any queries about study visa for canada or want to ask any question about study abroad. You must leave a comment below in comment box.

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