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Student Visa For Ireland

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Ireland one of the finest countries across the world and best known because of its educational system. For all the students other than the natives of EU a student visa is required. The requirements of Ireland study visa are given below.

How to Apply For Ireland Student Visa?

You must apply online for your student visa before you come to Ireland. Finishing the structure through the Internet produces a novel reference number which can likewise be utilized to track the application. Toward the end of the online application, you will get a rundown of the supporting documentation obliged, the charge payable and where it ought to be submitted to (regularly the closest Irish Embassy or Consulate).You ought to allude to the full INIS rules significant to your kind of study and given data when you apply on the web.

The Documentation Required For Ireland Study Visa:

  1. An English proficiency certificate is the thing you need the most if you are will to study in Ireland and the one which is affiliated with most of the educational institutes in Ireland is of IELTS. However the band requirement varies depending upon the course program that you choose.

  2. An acceptance letter from the college or university of Ireland showing that they are agreed in taking you as a student in a full time degree program.

  3. A full fee submission slip showing that you have you have fully paid the fee and have covered all of your academic expenditures.

  4. A bank statement of your personal account at least of the last 6 months showing your financial status. The account must have enough deposit at least equal to the expenditure that you will do till the completion of your degree program.

  5. All of your educational documents attested and verified by HEC.

  6. Police clearance or character certificate showing that you have been a good citizen and not been involved in any criminal activity.

  7. Medical certificate showing that you are medically fit and are not going to be a liability on the host country.

  8. A passport having a validity of at least 6 months.

  9. 4 passport size photo graphs with white back ground.

  10. National Identity Card (Translated into English).


Eligibility Criteria for Ireland Study Visa:

The immigration officer who is responsible for either acceptance or rejection of your study visa has set an eligibility criteria and measure the potential of the candidate by following a specific protocol. The acceptance and rejection of thestudent visa for Ireland depends upon the following things.

  1. The immigration officer looks at your educational background and compares it with the program course in which you are interested. So there must be a relation between your previous education and the educational program in which you desire to take admission.
  2. The other important thing that the immigration officer might be interested in is your financial status. By looking at your bank statement he makes sure that you have enough resources to support yourself in a foreign country and will not be in need of any odd job to meet your expenses,
  3. The other very important thing that the immigration officer judges is that you are genuinely moving for educational purpose and do not have any intentions of settling there or getting yourself a chance to find employment.

You have to take good care of all of the above mentioned things because in case of any loop hole or documentation error you application for Ireland student visa will end up in rejection.

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