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Types of Visas in Europe And Their Policies

Types of Visa Types of Visa
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Whenever applying for a visa in any country, people often get confused what to do and where to apply. The kind of proper guidance they need is not provided everywhere and sometimes the appliers end up going for an option which doesn’t benefit them much. In this article we will talk about the types of visa in detail so that our readers who want to go to any country for any reason can know what process to follow. The main categories of the visa are the same for any country; the difference comes in their requirements and sometimes the process, depending upon the policies of that country.
All the visa processes however do include filling of the online visa application form and interview which than have different requirements depending on your visa type and the country you want to travel to.

The Major Categories of Visa Are:

1. Visit Visa

2. Business Visa

3. Study Visa

4. Work Visa

Visit Visa:

A visit visa is a nonimmigrant visa for any person who wants to enter a country for either business purpose, visit family/friends or tourism. This type of visa is a temporary stay visa and has short time duration. Every country has a visit visa due to which tourism in that state prospers and people from all over the globe can visit it. Anyone can apply for this type of visa and the information required for it is also very basic.

The documentation required for the interview is:

Passport: your passport should be made before you apply for the visa and it is always needed for the interview.

Nonimmigrant visa application form: In the interview your nonimmigrant visa application form is also required along with its confirmation.

Application form fee: If you were required to pay the fee before the interview, the receipt is also required.

Photo: It is always safe to bring a photo of yours or whoever is applying for the interview.

In a visit visa interview, the officer can always ask additional questions like:

• Why do you want to visit?

• Where would you live?

• Who will support you?

Work visa:

There are various categories which come under the work visa. It a temporary visa for anyone who has some work/profession related event/meeting or anything in a foreign country. Anyone who wishes to visit a foreign country regarding their job or work, they must follow these simple steps

Labor certification: Some countries require the labor certificate from the department of labor to prove your mentioned field of work.

Petition approval: Some countries require a petition from the labor which has to be approved before the application of the work visa.

Nonimmigrant work visa application form: Download and fill the work visa application form of that country

Photo: Upload your photo in the format mentioned in the visa application form.

Study visa:

For students there are a number of opportunities in the outside world to acquire higher education and explore the world. If anyone wants to get higher education from another country, they would require a student visa. The only difference between other visa types and student visa is that a student must

Submit the copy of previous degrees/certificates of education.

They must have a good command on the language; sometimes a test is also required.

They must have a copy of the approval of the university they are applying, which claims the student to be as theirs.

Business visa:

A business visa applies to those who want to enter a country for business related work including meetings, consultations etc which doesn’t labor work or receiving of payments.

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