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Tourist Visa Requirements For Denmark

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Denmark is a country known for many wonderful things. Many people travel to Denmark every year for tourism, work and study reasons and get fascinated by the beautiful country. To get a visit visa of Denmark one needs to follow the all the necessary steps which are not that difficult. However there is no such term as a visit visa when applying for Denmark. The term they use for a visit visa is normally a short term visa for Denmark and that is exactly what a visit visa is. Anyone wishing to travel to Denmark for a short span of time just for visiting purpose would apply for a short term visa.

Process to get a short term visa of Denmark:

In whatever country you want to go to, you always have to follow a procedure which involves some certain steps leading to you getting the visa. These steps are necessary as it gives a guarantee of you being an eligible traveler and visitor and also proves you status of being a no threat to that country. One must always follow a proper process and avoid any short cuts as these matters can be critical and time taking.

The process to get a short term visa of Denmark is not very long; however following steps need to be taken for that. Follow these steps and you can visit Denmark after your visa gets approved.

  • Step one: The visa application form is always the step one no matter where you are applying as these forms take you to the registration and the main center of all the process. Visa application form of Denmark is also available online, you can download it, fill all the information they have asked for and make sure all the info is correct and valid as this may lead to complexity and delay later if the info is wrong.
  • Step two: Step two or I shall say point two you need to know is that you can only fill the form in two languages and that are either English language or Danish language as this compulsory. No other language could be used to fill the form as the Danish visa rule doesn’t permit it. If someone does fill the form in some other language without the permission and informing the Danish embassy, this may lead to the cancellation of your short term visa application. If someone has to fill the form in any other language other than English and Danish, than they must get permission from the Danish embassy and that too with a proper translation system.
  • Step three: The step three involves the other documents one needs to provide to the Danish embassy when applying for a short term visa for the country. You need to provide your original passport and a copy of your original passport. Along with that you would be required to submit any other passport you hold of any other country. Also the applicant would be required to submit the residential visa of the country they are living in.


You would need to upload a passport size photo as well which should not be older than three months. Its best to have a recent fresh photo in the format required by the Danish embassy.


The application fee needs to be submitted at the time of submitting the documents and you can do it either by paying cash or even through internet by Visit credit card.

Further information if anyone needs to know more about Denmark or the Danish embassy, can be achieved at the Danish embassy website as well.

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