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Work Visa And Jobs in Turkey

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Do you want to visit Turkey or get Turkish visa or work in Turkey? Here are certain tips for you in order to get visa for Turkey.

About Turkey:

The official name of Turkey is the republic of Turkey. Turkey is known as the land of Gods, Located on two continents: Europe and Asia. Turkey is a democratic state governed by the rule of law. Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. Turkish is the official language. Ankara is the capital of Turkey. The people who are living in turkey are the friendliest and helpful people in the world. Turkey’s warm weather is good for growing crops. Livestock and forestry are also important industries.Turkist foods are very tasty. Turkey is known for having one of the oldest and biggest malls in the world. Turkey is famous for natural resources like coal, natural gas, petroleum, copper, iron. The population of Turkey is 99% of Muslims and 1% others. The currency used in the country is called the Turkish lira. Turkey is famous for wheat, tobacco, cotton, olive, sugar, eggs, meat, honey etc. There are beautiful beach in Turkey. Turkey is famous for tourism. It is believed that the seed of agriculture is first sown in Turkey. Oil wrestling is the national sport.

Information for visa applicants:

Turkey was the sixth most visited country in the world with 37.5 million people crossing its border. A large number of people visit this beautiful country for the purpose of tourism. The applicant is required to submit the following document while applying:

Visa for touristic or business meeting purpose:

• Request Letter to Consulate (on company letter head)
• Invitation Letter addressed to the Consulate
• Copy of NTN (it is Compulsory)
• Two recent Photos
• Personal Bank Statement last six months with bank stamp and manager’s signature along with Bank Account Maintaining Certificate
• I.D. Card Copy
• “B” form in case of kids and children
• Ticket Copy
• Current & Previous Passports
• Hotel reservation
• Personal Appearance Compulsory
• Visa fees/service charges

Turkey visa service for Pakistani’s:
The economy of Turkey is good enough. This country is strong due to trade and foreign investment.

Documents required for turkey visa:
There are certain documents for visa as follows:
Passport Color Scan Copies
Scanned Photograph.
CNIC Copy or B Form Copy for in case of Kids.
Bank Statement and a letter from the bank office.
Polio Vaccination Certificate.

Apply for a work permit for Turkey:
Work permits for Turkey are either granted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
Documents required to apply for a work permit for turkey:
• Passport and copy.
• Completed visa application form.
• Proof of a job offer in the form of a letter from the employer.
• Passport photographs.
• Visa fee and work permit document fee.

Part time work in Turkey:
Part time work especially in tourism is available in turkey. To maximize the chances of work, visit Turkey in the month of March and April. This will provide you time to prepare before the tourist season start.in order to get job visit clubs, bars, hotels and restaurants. Many part time jobs are paid in the form of cash.
These are the things that should be kept in mind while applying for work and job visa for Turkey. Complete document will help you to get Turkey visa.

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