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A Skilled Workers are needed to assist with site operations and perform manual labor duties. Gathering trash, debris, and other waste is one of the main responsibilities of general laborers in order to maintain a clean and safe work site. Additionally, you’ll be working with power tools and materials (such drills and saws).
Skilled Workers must possess strength and be able to lift large objects. You must to be able to focus on completing your work and following safety procedures. We would like to meet you if you can fulfill these prerequisites and are prepared to take on a challenging but rewarding role.

An assistant plays a crucial part in any firm. Skilled Workers enable their team members to become more productive and effective by offering them the crucial support they need. They have a wide range of responsibilities, from aiding with specific projects or activities to helping with basic office needs. As such, while searching for the ideal assistant, having a strong job description is essential to a successful hire.

Job Type  
Skilled Workers
Total Seats120
Company/OEP Lic4174/PWR , Al Zafra Manpower
Pay110 Dinar (BHD)
Submission Last Date17/12/2024
Skilled Workers jobs in Bahrain


  • Clear work areas of any dangerous or outdated materials.
  • The worker is in charge of adhering to the policies, processes, and safety directives of the organization.
  • Help machinists by keeping work areas, milling machines, equipment, and dies clean.
  • assisting the machine operator and adhering to their instructions
  • Using different production machinery components
  • Cleaning the production equipment and work area
  • establishing orders for the production equipment
  • Using a forklift when necessary
  • Applicants need to be prepared to put in a lot of overtime.
  • Obtains supplies and tools required for maintenance and cleaning tasks
  • Polishes, seals, and strips floors.
  • Help on-site craftsmen such as carpenters, painters, welders, and others.
  • Handle and move tools and materials (like cement) (e.g. drills and grinders)
  • When necessary, use machinery and power tools (such as forklifts) and obey supervisors’ orders when performing manual labor jobs (such as digging or stacking products).
  • Install warning signs for cars and bystanders, such as cones and signposts.
  • assistance in erecting and moving temporary structures, such as scaffolding
  • Report malfunctioning machinery or dangerous circumstances.
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  • It is desirable if you have prior experience in the same position.
  • Capacity to perform the physical tasks required by the work, such as carrying heavy loads up to 40 pounds and standing for extended periods of time.
  • A strong sense of hand-eye coordination
  • Being acquainted with machinery and power tools is advantageous.
  • Teamwork and communication abilities
  • Adherence to safety regulations
  • Specialization or apprenticeship are beneficial but not required.
  • An equivalent degree from high school
  • Knowledge of working with youngsters
  • Flexibility in working hours and days, including Saturdays
  • Ability to lift 35 pounds while standing for the most of the day
  • Competent with hand tools
  • Experience with general Labour  for at least a year
  • Detail-oriented
  • Able to use hand tools well
  • Being able to lift 35 pounds


  • May help maintenance staff with assigned responsibilities
  • Making mattresses and tidying rooms
  • Snow removal involves using a snow plow and shoveling snow by hand, among other methods.
  • How the Skid Steer Operates
  • notifying the management and/or maintenance staff of any necessary repairs
  • general upkeep of public spaces

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