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Join the Best Food Packer Teams in Dubai

In order to guarantee that goods are dispatched promptly and securely, we are searching for a Food Packer to join our team. Additionally, Food Packer need to be able to seal each container, utilize adhesives and hand tools to keep the item safe during transit, and adhere to all safety regulations set forth by the company.
In the end, you’ll be working in a hectic atmosphere and be in charge of the correctness and safety of the goods that are transported to our clients.

Employees that pack things are those that get them ready for shipping and packing. They accomplish this by making sure all the materials they need to pack are there, wrapping them safely in accordance with any policies or guidelines set forth by the business, and then packing the items onto pallets in preparation for delivery.

Job Type  Food Packer
Total Seats01
Company/OEP LicKatrina Sweets & Confectionary
Pay2200 AED
QualificationSecondary School Certificates  
CountryDubai, UAE
Submission Last Date06/08/2024
Join the Best Food Packer Teams in Dubai


  • Marking, weighing, and packing finished goods for storage or transportation
  • To guarantee that the items reach their destination, abide by all packaging instructions provided by the company.
  • Taking good care of inventory: Prior to things being dispatched to clients, identify and get rid of any defective ones.
  • Use packing supplies including cushioning, hand tools, glues, and nails appropriately.
  • recording sales and replenishing the store based on that information.
  • Supervising and educating retail employees.
  • Organizing marketing campaigns for new offerings or discounts.
  • Making certain that the store is maintained tidy and orderly.
  • Resolving conflicts and defusing tense situations between employees and clients.
  • Remove debris and sweep, mop, and clean.
  • Items are fed into or placed on machinery for processing.
  • Oil the machinery.
  • Count and pour the ingredients.
  • Maintain specs compliance.
  • Valve turns control the flow of liquids or gases.
  • Components are combined.
  • Take off the line any equipment that is broken or useless.
  • Parts should be identified by markings.
  • Measure the extruded object’s length.
  • To continue processing, place the equipment on the conveyor belt.
  • Removing the product and any machine parts.
  • Scrape away the machine’s scraps.
  • Gauges must be read and understood.
  • Compile information.
  • Processors should be loaded and unloaded.
  • Deliver finished goods.
  • Fill the machine’s hopper with supplies.
  • Obey the guidance of the bosses.
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It is desirable if you have prior experience in the same position.

  • Be organized and on time.
  • both polished and professional.
  • Solid experience working as a packer or in a related capacity
  • Preference is given to experience in manufacturing or a similar industry.
  • Basic shop knowledge, like handling hand tools
  • Ability to adhere to written and spoken instructions
  • Proficient in communication and eager to collaborate with others in a team
  • Preferably a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Having prior retail experience would be beneficial, especially in management.
  • Exceptional oral and written communication abilities.
  • Knowledge of working with youngsters
  • Flexibility in working hours and days, including Saturdays
  • Ability to lift 35 pounds while standing for the most of the day
  • Competent with hand tools
  • Experience with Food Packing  for at least 2 year


  • Able to use hand tools well
  • Being able to lift 35 pounds

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