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As stated We need a dependable and diligent runner to conduct all incoming and leaving item processing in accordance with our regulations. Finding ways to maximize storage space, routinely cleaning out waste from the warehouse, and notifying management of any damaged products or equipment are just a few of the responsibilities of a runner. You also need to be able to maintain a safe working environment by consistently adhering to the company’s safety procedures.
To succeed as a runner, one must be able to handle and carry large items and be familiar with standard warehouse procedures. Ultimately, an excellent warehouse assistant should possess exceptional time-management, organizational, and communication skills in addition to being able to handle a range of lift machines properly.

Job Type  Runner  
Total Seats01
Company/OEP LicConstruction and Building (Hospitable and Tourism)
Pay2500-3500 AED
QualificationNo Education
Submission Last Date24/07/2024
Join the Best Runner Teams in Qatar

Duties :

  • Activate and deactivate machinery.
  • Accurately and swiftly deliver food and drinks from the bar or kitchen to the tables of patrons.
  • Make sure orders are accurate and complete by comparing the contents with the order ticket.
  • Assist in keeping the eating space tidy and orderly, which includes cleaning and resetting tables as necessary.
  • Effectively manage order delivery and handle any problems or special requests from clients by communicating with the kitchen and bar workers.
  • Serve clients with courtesy and attention, responding to their inquiries and taking professional, timely action to resolve any issues they may have.
  • Work together with other front-of-house personnel, including hosts and servers, to provide seamless service and a satisfying dining experience for customers.
  • Help with additional tasks as required, such as bussing tables, replenishing drinks, and assisting with general restaurant operations.
  • Help the factory production process.
  • The production space is tidy.
  • Remove debris and sweep, mop, and clean.
  • Load and unload products from dollys, trolleys, and machineries.
  • Items are fed into or placed on machinery for processing.
  • Oil the machinery.
  • Count and pour the ingredients.
  • Maintain specs compliance.
  • Valve turns control the flow of liquids or gases.
  • Components are combined.
  • Take off the line any equipment that is broken or useless.
  • Parts should be identified by markings.
  • Measure the extruded object’s length.
  • To continue processing, place the equipment on the conveyor belt.
  • Removing the product and any machine parts.
  • Scrape away the machine’s scraps.
  • Gauges must be read and understood.
  • Compile information.
  • Processors should be loaded and unloaded.
  • Deliver finished goods.
  • Fill the machine’s hopper with supplies.
  • obey the guidance of the bosses.
  • It is necessary to turn on and off the equipment.
  • Help on the manufacturing line in factories.
  • Tid up the workspace.
  • After clearing the space, mop and sweep.
  • Use caution when loading and unloading anything from dollies, trolleys, and machinery.
  • Feed or place materials into processing machinery.
  • Lubricate the machinery again.
  • Measurements are made and components are moved.
  • Verify if the instructions are being followed.
  • Adjust valves to control the flow of liquids or gasses.
  • Combine the ingredients.
  • Remove from service any equipment that is broken or superfluous.
  • It is best to designate parts so they can be easily identified.
  • Calculate how long the expedited object was Place the device onto a conveyer belt for additional handling.
  • Take out the items and any more pieces of the machine.
  • Remove the trash 
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It is desirable if you have prior experience in the same position.

  •  An equivalent degree from high school
  • Knowledge of working with youngsters
  • Flexibility in working hours and days, including Saturdays
  • Ability to lift 35 pounds while standing for the most of the day
  • Competent with hand tools
  • Experience with runner  for at least a year
  • Detail-oriented
  • Able to use hand tools well
  • Being able to lift 35 pounds

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