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Premier 40 Warehouse Worker Opportunities in Romania

We are seeking a warehouse worker to assist with our daily operations and tasks. Picking, packing, scanning orders, and accumulating items are among the duties of a warehouse worker. Increasing production, profitability, and customer pleasure are the objectives.
The warehouse worker does more than just gather, package, prepare, and load items for delivery; they also receive, unload, organize, and store things. Employees label and mark merchandise in warehouses, inspect it for wear and damage, and notify the appropriate parties of any problems.

Any company that holds and processes orders or merchandise needs professionals like warehouse workers. They manage orders by selecting them from the warehouse stock and supervising the reception and processing of incoming merchandise.

In a warehouse worker receive, unload, organize, and store products in addition to gathering, packing, preparing, and loading commodities for delivery. Workers at warehouses inspect inventory for wear and damage, mark and label inventory, and notify appropriate parties of any problems.

Job TypeWarehouse Worker
Total Seats40
CompanyDhothar International Recruitment Agency
Pay750 EUR Per Month
QualificationNo Education
CountryRomania Europe
Submission Last Date17/09/2024
Premier Warehouse Worker Opportunities in Romania

Duties of warehouse worker

The following  Welder responsibilities and duties must to be included in the job description:

  • Assign and finish orders in accordance with the timetable for delivery or collection (load, pack, wrap, label, ship).
  • Acquire and handle products from warehouse stock (pick, unload, label, store)
  • Maintain stringent quality requirements for audits and carry out inventory controls.
  • Maintain a tidy and secure workplace while making the most use of available space.
  • final journal entries into an inventory
  • Report any inconsistencies.
  • Cooperate and communicate with coworkers and bosses.
  • Maintain and operate warehouse trucks and equipment in a preventive manner.
  • Observe standards for quality service and adhere to policies, guidelines, and directives.
  • Construct Pallets
  • Move goods and materials by hand or with simple material handling tools as you load, unload, and move them.
  • Use a range of machinery to load, unload, and transport goods and materials.
  • Select orders and inventory
  • Weigh products and materials.
  • Wrap products.
  • Pack and unpack supplies.
  • Store supplies and cargo.
  • Physical capacities and work environments
  • Repetitive duties
  • Managing hefty loads
  • physically taxing
  • Standing for prolonged periods of time
  • Accurately process, package, and dispatch orders
  • Maintain inventory and stock levels. Examine goods for flaws and damage.
  • Check shipments going out and coming in.
  • Arrange the warehouse area to properly receive, unload, and store incoming inventory products.
  • Examine, confirm, and complete client invoices.
  • Respect all safety and hygiene policies of the firm.
  • Provide suggestions on how to enhance or streamline the warehousing process.
  • Maintain a daily orderly and tidy warehouse.
  • Ensuring the workspace is orderly, clean, and safe.
  • Filling and emptying delivery cars.
  • Acknowledging receipt of the inventory delivery.
  • Inventory counting and verification.
  • Checking for flaws and damage in the inventory.
  • Notifying the appropriate parties of inaccuracies.
  • stock labeling and marking.
  • keeping inventory organized and accessible.
  • Stock is loaded and wrapped onto pallets.
  • Assembling loads with an electronic pallet jack and forklift.


  • A medical certificate is required.
  • A high school certificate.
  • A track record of success in warehouses
  • Capacity to operate pallet jacks, hand trucks, forklifts, and other warehouse machinery
  • Sufficient familiarity with the warehouse data system
  • Organizer and team player
  • Capacity to Move or Lift Heavy Goods
  • A high school diploma


  • A minimum age requirement of 18 years old.
  • Work experience as a general laborer.
  • Preferably in a warehouse.
  • Proficient use of a forklift.
  • Successful completion of a background investigation and drug test.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Good moral character.
  • Physically strong, agile, and dexterous.
  • Unaffected by heights or unfavorable weather conditions.
  • A positive work history and the capacity to maintain consistent attendance.
  • Ready to work overtime.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities Possibility of remaining composed under pressure
  • Ability to function well in a team Organized and focused on the details.
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Benefits include

  • High Salary
  • Security
  • Free Medical treatment
  • Professional Training development courses.
  • Qualities of life.
  • Safety
  • Travel opportunities in a region during off time.
  • Pension and benefits

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