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Great Opportunities as a Bike Delivery Rider in Qatar

We are searching for a reliable and skilled bike delivery rider to deliver a range of goods to specified locations safely and in compliance with delivery instructions provided by our dispatch team. The responsibilities of abike delivery rider include setting delivery priorities, informing dispatchers of any situations that can impact or postpone deliveries, and answering recipient questions regarding deliveries. Furthermore, confirm that nothing has been harmed or affected by the harsh weather.

Success as a bike delivery rider requires having strong physical health and the ability to handle unforeseen scenarios. Ultimately, a great bike delivery rider should be knowledgeable about traffic rules and have outstanding communication, problem-solving, and time-management skills.

Job Type  Bike delivery rider
Total Seats150
Company 4268/RWP, Ladhiout Hannan Manpower
Pay1200 Rial (SAR)
Submission Last Date06/09/2024
Great Opportunities as a Bike Delivery Rider in Qatar


  • Picking up and delivering different packages to designated areas in accordance with the dispatch staff’s delivery instructions.
  • Making sure there are no mistakes by double-checking addresses and locations prior to every delivery.
  • arranging travel itineraries with care to guarantee prompt delivery of packages to recipients.
  • securing goods in transportation to avoid harm.
  • Getting the signatures of the receivers after every delivery to verify that the right things were received.
  • Making sure the right amounts have been received and collecting payments as needed.
  • keeping a precise log of every shipment that is delivered to its recipients.
  • keeping in regular contact with the dispatch team to obtain instructions for new deliveries and to offer updates on deliveries.
  • Pick up bicycles from a range of places in the Greater Boston region.
  • Bike pickup and delivery to different workplace locations
  • Keep track of your daily routes and send reports to the operations manager.
  • Keep track of your bicycle inventory.
  • Maintain bicycles
  • Deliver parcels quickly and effectively.
  • Address consumer inquiries as soon as possible
  • Recognize the local delivery region and the traffic trends.
  • Make sure parcels are delivered on time and that they are handled carefully.
  • Meet quotas and timelines.
  • Observe standard operating procedures.
  • Notify managers of any concerns you have regarding broken packages, missed deadlines, or other difficulties.
  • carry out additional tasks as given


It is desirable if you have prior experience in the same position.

  •  An equivalent degree from high school
  • Knowledge of working with youngsters
  • Flexibility in working hours and days, including Saturdays
  • Ability to lift 35 pounds while standing for the most of the day
  • Competent with hand tools
  • Experience with general helper  for at least a year
  • Detail-oriented
  • Able to use hand tools well
  • Being able to lift 35 pounds.

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Skills for Bike Delivery Rider

  • GED or high school diploma
  • GED or high school diploma necessary
  • Two years minimum of experience as a bicycle courier
  • Ability to get on and ride a bike weighing more than twenty pounds for more than twenty blocks
  • Need to be able to lift twenty.

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Phone no : 03336663083

 Fax No : ……….

Email for applying : [email protected]

It is necessary for the Bike Courier to work outside in a variety of weather circumstances. It might be required to work on the task throughout the weekends and on vacations. Strong time management skills and the ability to work independently are requirements for the position.


The candidate’s experience and qualifications will determine the salary for this role.

How to Submit an Application

Please email your resume and cover letter to [Insert contact information] in order to apply for this position. We appreciate your interest in applying, but we will only get in touch with individuals who are chosen for an interview.

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