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170 Highly Competitive Wiring Electrician ,Plumber and  Security Guard Jobs in UAE

We are currently looking to hire a skilled Wiring electrician ,Plumber and  Security Guard and  who will be in charge of a variety of jobs involving the installation,   and upkeep of electrical infrastructure . As s a Security Guard, you will be responsible for keeping an eye on our property and defending our employees and guests

This involves installing electrical wiring in buildings and on utility poles, resolving electrical issues and blackouts, and fixing appliances.We require people who value safety and follow safety precautions because of the inherent hazards associated with this position.

The ideal candidate will be well-versed in electrical systems and appliances and have enough of electrical device and system experience.

  Job Type    Wiring electrician ,Plumber and  Security Guard
Total Seats(electrician ,Plumber and  Security Guard)10,10,160
Company/OEP Lic3902/RWP , New Gondal Manpower Bureau
Pay of Electrician ,Plumber and  Security Guard1400,1400,1920
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
Submission Last Date05/08/2024

Duties :

  • Solves electrical problems
  • Inspects electrical components such as circuit breakers
  • carries out routine electrical maintenance
  • Reads and understands technical schematics and blueprints; labels system components
  • Works with typical calculations for electrical load needs of wire .
  • Implement electrical wiring designs for lighting, intercoms, and other electrical equipment to function properly.
  • Install electrical equipment for alarm systems and other devices.
  • Install distribution and safety parts, such as switches, resistors, and circuit-breaker panels.
  • Connect wiring in electrical networks and circuits while guaranteeing component compatibility.
  • Prepare, build, and connect wire through conduits.
  • By frequently evaluating and replacing outdated wiring and insulated cables, cleaning circuits, etc., you can prevent system failure.
  • Use competent troubleshooting to locate risks or malfunctions, then fix or replace faulty components.


  • Electrical engineering associate’s degree or high school diploma recommended
  • Experience with electricity for at least a year
  • Extremely perceptive and analytical
  • Detail-oriented
  • Able to use hand tools well
  • The capacity to comprehend and use fundamental mathematical concepts.
  • Being able to lift 35 pounds.
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