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Reliable Farmer Workers Jobs in Canada

We are looking for a Farmer Workers to oversee our farming activities. A Farmer Workers responsibilities include overseeing agricultural laborers, operating heavy machinery, and performing physical labor.

To succeed as a Farmer Workers , you need to be physically fit, knowledgeable about agricultural equipment, and passionate about the great outdoors. Ultimately, a top-tier farmer must possess physical strength, excellent hand-eye coordination, and a strong sense of passion for agriculture.

Job Type  Farmer Workers
Total Seats01
Company/OEP Lic2830271 Ontario Inc
Pay17.50 $ Hourly.
Submission Last Date15/05/2024

Duties of Farmer Workers

  • Carrying out manual labor.
  • Doing upkeep on the agricultural property.
  • Utilizing large, heavy machines.
  • Repairing broken machinery and automobiles.
  • Overseeing agricultural operations.
  • Controlling farm laborers.
  • Putting together plans for breeding or harvesting.
  • Corresponding with customers.
  • Active in work.
  • Maintain and operate machinery and equipment to keep them operating correctly.
  • Taking care of animals, giving them food and other necessities, and marking them to show who owns them
  • Examine crops to ensure their quality and determine whether irrigation schedules need to be adjusted.
  • Utilizing insecticides, fertilizer, or nutrients to spray can help manage growth and control pests.
  • Fertilize agricultural land and create a vast water infrastructure


  • It is desirable if you have prior experience in the same position.A appropriate farm work certification program must have been completed.
  • Four years or more of prior work experience in an agricultural or farm sector is preferable.
  • outstanding physical health, agility, stamina, and grip power
  • Mechanical knowledge is necessary.
  • Excellent perceptive abilities and a keen eye for detail
  • Experience with general helper  for at least a year
  • Detail-oriented
  • Able to use hand tools well
  • Being able to lift 35 pounds
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