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We need a LTV driver to deliver clients in a timely, safe, and comfortable manner. The duties of a LTV driver include scheduling routine car maintenance and cleaning, organizing each route according to traffic and road conditions, and handling payment.

In the end, you will contribute to our efforts to raise customer satisfaction and ensure that customers rely on us for all of their transportation needs.

You must have a current LTV driver license and a spotless driving record free of moving infractions in order to be considered for this position. Please take note that drivers receive our own cars, therefore you are not need to possess one..

Job TypeLTV Driver  
Total Seats15
Company3918/SKT , Safar-e-Falah International 
Pay4200 Zloty (PLN)
Submission Last Date21/06/2024

Duties :

The following  LTV driver responsibilities and duties must to be included in the job description:

  • To deliver items to customers, travel great distances.
  • Empty and load the goods.
  • record-breaking deliveries of freight.
  • Fill up with gas and wash the car.
  • Report accidents on the roads to the dispatcher.
  • Observe traffic regulations.
  • Examine trucks and document any problems.
  • Observe the protocols for accidents.
  • Maintain a journal of your hours and activities.
  • Inform the maintenance staff of any mechanical issues.
  • Use a GPS device to plan your journeys.
  • Deliver items to the customer on schedule.
  • Continue to have a cheerful demeanor with consumers.
  • Maintain your commercial driver’s license current.
  • operate and drive a truck.
  • Locate and read location and travel maps; adhere to directions.
  • Check the truck beforehand.
  • Pick up materials and items, check loads for accuracy, and deliver them according to instructions.
  • Pack and unpack freight.
  • In charge of performing routine car maintenance; always adhere to safety procedures, regulations, and guidelines.
  • Finish and ensure accuracy of documentation
  • By taking advantage of educational opportunities, reading trade journals, keeping up with personal connections, and joining groups for professionals, one can stay current on employment expertise..
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  • Proven truck driver  experience
  • Commercial driving license, or Class A CDL.
  • Present-day TWIC card.
  • Must pass a test for alcohol and drugs.
  • A spotless driving record is required.
  • Must present a valid MVR.
  • A medical certificate is required.
  • A high school certificate.


  • Excellent interpersonal and communication abilities
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving capabilities Possibility of remaining composed under pressure
  • Ability to function well in a team Organized and focused on the details

Benefits include

  • High Salary
  • Security
  • Free Medical treatment
  • Professional Training development courses.
  • Qualities of life.
  • Safety
  • Travel opportunities in a region during off time.
  • Pension and benefits

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  • Address : Noshera Road, next to Awan Chowk, Gujranwala, Punjab.

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